The IADMFR makes available newsletter at least twice a year. These newsletters will be emailed to active members.

Historical newsletter can only be downloaded in PDF format from this website. All newsletters can be found from here.


A number of journals is made available during the year to all active members. When you pay your dues to become an active member you will receive a username and password to access our online journal service.

You can download PDF versions of the journals or read them online: DMFR journal access for members only.

You will also have access to historical journals.

You may also contact the webmaster of the DMFR directly at If you still have trouble, please contact us by sending a message to the webmaster via the e-mail below.


IADMFR Brussels Office

Grensstraat 7, 1831 Diegem


Tel: +32 272 282 34

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