IADMFR education track



Program description

The IADMFR Education track provides participants with general knowledge and understanding of radiology foundations and techniques including radiation physics, radiation protection, intraoral and panoramic radiographies, advanced imaging (with focus on cone-beam CT), anatomy on radiographs, and radiographic interpretation. In a more advanced level and as part of the Education track, students have the opportunity to prepare their cases and actively participate in the radiology grand rounds where some of the most frequent and classic pathologies are discussed. 

Course Goals

To raise standards across Dentomaxillofacial Radiology (DMFR) field and to build capacity in regions that lack post-graduate programs in this area. Obtaining such acknowledgment from IADMFR is a prestigious achievement that demonstrates competency regarding basic and advanced diagnostics and imaging planning. This certificate is not equivalent to a successful completion of a specialization program in DMFR.

IADMFR education committee

Learn more about the commitee in charge of the educational track here.

Who can apply?

Dentists with a specific interest to advance in dentomaxillofacial radiology may apply. All applicants should be IADMFR member. Selection is based on analysis of the biosketch and motivation letter, and will consider prior training, the applicant’s interest  in dentomaxillofacial radiology, the inability of the applicant to follow anational or regional course, and other applicant-specific justifications. To apply for the IADMFR educational track, please send your application, including your biosketch and motivation letter to iadmfr@aimgroup.eu

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